Where residential care feels like home...


It is with the greatest of pleasure and gratitude that I take this opportunity to write a few words on behalf of the wonderful family of folks that make up the Rose Haven care facility. They are indeed more than deserving of the highest praise for the loving and complete care that they provide the residents fortunate enough to live under their roof.

My father, Donald R. Anderson, was a resident at Rosehaven Ill in San Clemente for approximately four years and his experience could not have been any better.  The constant attention to his needs, the quick responses to any change in his health or condition, and the daily uplifting presence that the staff provided made me feel that I need not worry about him because he was in the finest of hands. The atmosphere at the home was always pleasant, the staff was friendly and inclusive, and the administrative support of Karie and Alexis was comprehensive. Not only is Rosehaven run with the utmost in professionalism, it is informed with a sweetness of spirit and love that make all involved an honored part of its family (plus their holiday celebrations are worthy of a television special!) When my father went to the hospital prior to his passing he was visited by staff which provided him great peace and comfort and his memorial was attended by more than one staff member. I can only hope that anyone looking for a place for their parents can be as fortunate as I was and get to be involved with the superlative individuals of Rosehaven.

Randall W. Anderson

Rosehaven III Care Home is an independent corporation not affiliated with any other care home, including Rosehaven I.