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Sherrie Testimonial

Thank you so much for all you have done for Pop and the rest of our family.  We could not have found him a more perfect place to spend his last few years.
Frankly, when he was released from the hospital in January of 2013, I didn’t think he’d be with us that much longer.  However with the loving care, the laughter and the daily thoughtfulness and kindnesses he received there, he healed and became even stronger.
He was treated and felt like a family member at Rosehaven (up to and including his first Christmas Carol request of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, which was immediately granted, and sung with much gusto by all at the party.)  We also were received, kept informed and consulted as family members would be about someone cared for by all.
He was treated with respect and love, and what we thought would be a short time became over four years.  Thank you again for making those years so special for him, and for us.
I can enthusiastically recommend Rosehaven III to anyone who wishes their loved one to be honored and respected for who they are, and cared for like family.
Sherrie Anderson

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